200+ Japanese Boy Names in 2022 with Meanings (2023)

Japanese boy names contain a wealth of cultural and historical meanings, and are even more commonly used in countries like the USA to name their babies. The name could be at the links nature or even have a deeper and more sacred meanings or messages. This is why when you are deciding on a name for your baby boy, choosing the correct name that would suit your meaning and sentimental value is important. It is also equally important to pay homage to such the wonderful Japanese culture and tradition such as Japanese. To have a better idea about names around the world, check out our article on nicknames from around the world.

What are the most common Japanese boy names in 2022?

1. Asahi (アサヒ)

Asahi means “sunlight” in English. Carrying the intention of light and hope, this name is commonly used to invoke positive manifestations for a baby boy.

2. Akihiko (秋彦)

This name means “bright prince”. In the Marvel Comics universe, Akihiko was a Yakuza boss who was one of the people to survive the activation of the infinity gauntlet and subsequent mass extinction.

3. Akira (アキラ)

In the Japanese language, Akira means “wisdom.”

4. Aoki (青木)

After the Japanese word for “blue tree.”

5. Asa (として)

Asa means “morning.”

6. Botan (ボタン)

Even though it’s a boy’s name, this popular Japanese name means “peony.”

7. Benjiro (ベンジロ)

This name means “one who enjoys peace.”

8. Chibi(ちび)

This is a cute name that refers to a Short Person or Small Child

9. Chiharu(千春)

This means “Springs” and “clear skies”.

10. Chikafusa(ちかふさ)

This name means the “close one”.

11. Chikao (ちかお)

In Japanese, this baby boy’s name means “clever.”

12. Chiko(ちこ)

This means a “pledge”, referring to themes of devotion or commitment.

13. Chimon (チモン)

With Japanese origins, this name means “gate of wisdom.”

14. Dai (ダイ)

This name refers to a “shining individual”.

15. Doi(土井)

It means “Mountain” or “Earth”

16. Daichi (大地)

This baby boy’s name means “Earth.”

17. Daido( 大同)

This can be translated to the “greatest way possible”.

18. Daiki (大樹)

This Japanese boy’s name means “shining.”

19. Daisuke (大輔)

The meaning of this Japanese name means “great help.”

20. Danno(ダンノ)

This means “Gathering” and refers to being put together.

21. Danuja(ダヌジャ)

This means “Knight” and can also mean “Ruler”.

22. Enmei (円明)

With Japanese origins, this name means “bright circle.”

23. Fumihiro (フミヒロ)

This Japanese boy’s name means “wide sentence.”

24. Genkei (げんけい)

This name means “to be honored.”

25. Giichi (ぎいち)

In Japanese, this name means “justice.”

26. Goku (悟空)

After the Super Sayian in the hit manga series, DragonBall Z.

27. Goro (五郎)

The meaning of the name Goro is “enlightened son.”

28. Gou(ゴウ)

This name means a person who is strong and powerful just like a mountain.

29. Habiki (ハビキ)

In Japanese, this name means “echo.”

30. Hachi(ハチ)

This directly translates to the number Eight. It can also be interpreted as a “bee” or “flowerpot”.

31. Hachirou(八郎郎)

This translates to “Eighth Son”; A variant of this can be Hachiro.

32. Hakaku(はくく)

This refers to a “White Crane”.

33. Hansuke(はんすけ)

This name means a “very helpful friend”, and usually denotes a kindred spirit in a person.

34. Harue(春江)

This can be interpreted as “Spring Bough” or “Sunshine”.

35. Hayate (はやて)

This translates to “Fresh Breeze” or “Smooth”.

36. Hekima (ヘキマ)

This translates to “Knowledgeable” or “Clever”, denoting intelligence.

37. Hideo (秀夫)

This Japanese name means “excellent male child.

38. Hiroto (ヒロト)

This name means “big.”

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39. Hiroshi (ヒロシ)

From the Japanese word meaning “generous.”

40. Hiroyuki (ヒロユキ)

This means “a lot of happiness” and is intended for a jolly and positive energy.

41. Hotaru (ほたる)

From the Japanese word for “firefly.

42. Ichiro (イチロー)

This Japanese name means “first son.”

43. Itachi (イタチ)

Itachi means “weasel.” We said its common, not popular!

44. Jiro (次郎)

With Japanese roots, this name means “second son.”

45. Jomei (舒明天)

This name is for people with this name always bring joy and love music. They have a passion for whole life and always show interest in others for friendship.

46. Jona (ジョナ)

Means the “God is gracious” and “Dove bird”. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.

47. Junichiro (純一郎)

This name means “he who takes.”

48. Junpei (純平)

This means Pure; Genuine; Innocent; Considerate; or Kind.

49. Jurou (じゅろう)

This directly translates to “Tenth Son”.

50. Kaede (楓)

Kaede means “Maple”.

51. Kaemon (かえもん)

Keamon directly translates to “Right-handed”

52. Kage (影)

The name Kage means “Shadow”

53. Kaiyo (カイヨ)

Kaiyo name means “To Forgive”

54. Kamaye (カマエ)

Kamaye means “Enthusiastic”

55. Kame (カメ)

Kame means “Desolate” or “Arid”

56. Kamin (カミン)

Kamin means “The One filled with Joy”

57. Kazz (カズ)

Kazz means “He who makes Peace”

58. Kazumi (和美)

This directly translates to “beautiful peace” and carries good intentions in the name.

59. Keiji (圭司)

Keiji means “Respect”, “Two” or “Governs with Discretion”.

60. Keisuke (圭佑)

The meaning of Keisuke is “save” in Japanese.

61. Keitaro (圭太郎)

Keitaro means “Blessed” and “Huge Gift”

62. Ken (ケン)

This has meanings such as “Born of fire” or “handsome healthy and strong”.

63. Kenji (賢司)

This name means “strong.”

64. Kiyoshi (清)

This Japanese boy’s name means “pure.”

65. Koji (こうじ)

Translating to “little one”.

66. Kota (コタ)

This Japanese name means “happiness.”

67. Mako (マコ)

This name means “sincerity.”

68. Masashi (マサシ)

The name Masashi means “ambition.” and manifests great success for the son that carries this name.

69. Minor (みのる)

This name refers to the process of a tree when it bears fruit – a metaphor for when fruit grown on a tree.

70. Miyo (みよ)

This name refers to a beautiful and charming child

71. Miyoko (美代子)

This means beautiful child of a beautiful generation

72. Namiko (なみこ)

This means a child of the waves or a surfing child

73. Nana (ナナ)

This name means fresh or green vegetables.

74. Nao (ナオ)

This name is for an honest person, who never lies.

75. Naoki (直樹)

This refers to a truthful and open tree.

76. Naoyuki (直幸)

Meaning “truth and happiness”, this name carries great positive qualities and meanings for the son that is named Naoyuki.

77. Naozumi (直住)

This translates to “Frank” and “cheerfulness”.

78. Natsu (奈津)

This refers to a very warm season of the year.

79. Natsu (ナツオ)

This the name for one who came to this world during summer season.


80. Noa (いや)

This means “Undertaking”, “wave program” or “indication”.

81. Noboru (昇)

This means “Increase”, “rise” or “triumphant”.

82. Noburu (のぶる)

This name means “Getting wider or bigger”.

83. Noritaka (のりたか)

This name means “Commandment” and “devoted virtue”.

84. Notin (ありませんで)

This name refers to “One which is round and nothing less”

85. Oda (織田)

In Japanese, this baby boy’s name means “small rice paddy.”

86. Ohta (太田)

This name has two meanings, one is the “eyes of the Almighty God” and the other one is “free from dirt or impurities”

87. Orochi (オロチ)

This translates to “Big snake”.

88. Reiji (レイジ)

Translates to “a well-mannered baby”. The parents naming their child Reiji would intend for a good natured son.

89. Souta (宗太)

This baby boy’s name means “suddenly.”

90. Sana (サナ)

The meaning of the name Sana is “calm.”

91. Takato (タカト)

Precious measure of exaltation

92. Takaya (タカヤ)

One who has much respect for someone

93. Take (武雄)

This translates to a “Warrior” and one who fights for his kingdom.

94. Takuma (琢磨)

This translates to an “open truth”.

95. Tamaki (玉城)

This refers to a boy who is a true gem

96. Tamashini (たましに)

This translates to “Soul” and refers to one who is very soulful.

97. Touma (トーマ)

After the Japanese word for “iron.”

98. Yamato (やまと)

This ancient Japanese name means “great harmony.”

99. Yo (ヨ)

Meaning “honest” or “truthful”, Yo is a name given in good faith to a son.

100. Yoshio (ヨシオ)

Meaning “righteous boy”, this name is bestowed with belief that the boy will become a good man.

Top Japanese Boy Names in 2022

200+ Japanese Boy Names in 2022 with Meanings (2)

1. Akiara(アキアラ)

Meaning a “bright person”.

2. Akio(秋尾)

This can be interpreted as “Bright Man”, “Manly” or “Hero”.

3. Akito(アキト)

This also can be interpreted as “Bright person” and is likened to one who is like the autumn season.

4. Aoki (青木)

This refers to an evergreen blue tree, following themes of tranquility and nature associated with blue.

5. Aoto (あおと)

Blue (蒼) is left to subjective interpretation of the user. It could mean sky, the sea or other blue related meanings of nature. As blue is a colour of tranquility and nature, it is a popular Japanese aesthetic.

6. Aoi (蒼)

Aoi means “Blue” in Japanese. Similar to Aoto, these follow the same themes of tranquility,

7. Asahi (朝陽)

Asahi means “Sunrise” and is similar in it positivity and intentions as the name Kouma (光希) “Ray of Hope”, referencing light and positivity for their baby boy.

8. Fuji (富士)

After the famous Japanese mountain, thus making it a popular and well-known Japanese name for boys.

9. Haru (暖)

Meaning “Warmth”, Haru is popular for its benevolent meaning and feeling that it carries.

10. Haruto (はると)

Haruto is one of the most popular names of the year because of its reference to the imagery of flight, sun, and calmness. 陽翔 figuratively means “Shine & Soar.” It also has similarities to, 大翔: “Big Flight” and 悠人: “Calm person”

11. Haruki (はるき)

The kanji 悠 (haru) means “permanence” with the connotation of being resilient and withstanding hardship. It has become a popular name in recent times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

12. Hideaki (秀明)

This refers to “Bright” or “Excellent”.

13. Hikaru (ひかる)

This name means “Shining brilliance” or “Flashing Brilliance”.

14. Hinata (ひなた)

Meaning “a sunny place” or “in the sun”, Hinata also has many positive connotations such as 陽向 “Towards the positive” 陽太, ”Boldly positive” and 陽大 “Big positive”.

15. Hiroaki (ひろあき)

This name means “Spreading brightness” it can also be interpreted as “Radiance” and “Gloriousness”.

16. Hirohito (昭和天皇)

This means “Plentiful benevolence”, “Abundant Benevolence” or “goodwill”.

17. Hiroaki (ヒロキ)

This means “Large sparkle”. It can also mean “Abundant Joy” and “Strength”.

18. Kouma (光希)

Kouma means “Ray of hope” in Japanese. This name carries light and positivity with it, thus making it a popular name in Japanese

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19. Minato (みなと)

The kanji 湊 means “port” and has a strong similarity to the way Western culture refers to the metaphor “safe harbor”protection, solace and shelter. A port can also symbolize connection as it serves as a point of departure and return for ships at sea.

20. Katsumi (勝美)

Katsumi means to “Win” or “To Overcome”

21. Katsuro (勝郎)

Katsuro name means “The Victory of the Son”

22. Kazu (カズ)

Kazu means “The First One”

23. Kazue (和江)

Kazue means “The Favor of Harmony and Peace”

24. Kazuki (和希)

Kazuki means The Unity of Harmoni, Brithnes and Hope

25. Kazumi (和美)

Kazumi means Beautiful Harmony

26. Kazuo (和夫)

Kazuo means The First Born Child

27. Kazuya (和也)

Kazuya means “The Calm and Peaceful One”

28. Kei (ケイ)

Meaning “Intelligent”.

29. Kaito (海翔)

Kaito means “Soaring ocean” in Japanese.

30. Kane (ケイン)

Kane means “Bell”, maybe the boy will be as noisy as his name!

31. Kenji (賢司)

Meaning “Prosecutor”, Kenji is a more serious name.

32. Itsuki (いつき)

It’s kanji 樹which means “Woods” is left to interpretation by the user. As it represents the peacefulness and strength of the forests in nature.

33. Minato (湊)

This translates to “harbour” and also holds themes of connection and a safe haven.

34. Naruhito (徳仁)

Naruhito means virtue, compassion.

35. Nori (私も)

The name Nori means “ceremony” and “rites”

36. Osamu (修)

Osamu can mean discipline, study, logic, chronicle, reign, or rule.

37. Ren (蓮)

Ren means “Lotus” which is a reference to Buddhism, giving it a popular spiritual link.

38. Reiki (レイキ ł

Refers to the popular practice of healing the spirit.

39. Reiko (レイコ)

This translates to a “thankful child”.

40. Reo (レオ)

Loosely translates to “flourishing” or “vigorous”, Reo is boisterous name for a boy.

41. Riku (りく)

Riku (陸)directly translates to ‘land’ but the interpretation can be subjective to the user. However, it does keep consistent with the theme of Japanese names, even when with kanji combinations – such as 陸斗 “Land Big Dipper” and 凌久 “To excel for a long time”.

42. Rin (凛)

The name Rin means dignified, severe, or cold. The rin is a former Japanese monetary unit. A rin was worth 1/10 of a sen, and 100 sen made one yen.

43. Ringo (リンゴ)

Ringo is Japanese for apple. The English language version of Ringo evolved from the Old English word hring, meaning circle.

44. Souta (そうた)

Souta from the second and third kanji in its name can be interpreted as “Swift and substantial action.” Other connotations of this name can be 蒼大 “Big blue”, 奏太 “Big performance” and 颯太: “Big, quick action”, giving the name quite a rigorous energy and meaning.

45. Sora (蒼空)

Sora means “Blue sky” in Japanese. For those familiar with the Kingdom Hearts video games, this name is significant for fans as the name of their beloved protagonist of the franchise is Sora, thus making is a popular name to be used.

46. Sousuke (聡介)

Depending on the way it is written, 聡 means “smart.” whereas 介 means “assistance.” Either way, the name has a connotation for intelligence and helpfulness.

47. Souma (壮馬)

Souma directly translates to “Quick Reality” in Japanese. The kanji 壮 means “brave.” while 馬 means “horse.”

48. Taemon (たえもん)

This name is for one with good morals and a well behaved person

49. Taichi (太極拳)

This means a “thick or big one”. Sometimes it can be used to refer to swords.

50. Taiga (タイガ)

This refers to a big and well-mannered person

51. Taiki (大樹)

This translates to “Big, great tree”. It can also be interpreted as “one full of brightness”.

52. Taji (タジ)

This name refers to the colors of yellow and silver.

53. Takahiro (タカヒロ)

This is a name for one who is “Abundantly respectful” and “Loving”

54. Takai (高井)

This translates to the “next world”.

55. Takashi (タカシ)

This translates to “Devoted piety”.

56. Touma (トーマ)

Meaning the “top of the mountain”, this name is full of ambition and success for its person.

57. Yuito (ゆいと)

The kanji 結 is often used for binding or linking, so it also follows through with the theme of connection, like Minato.

58. Yuuto (ゆうと)

Yuuto follows the same kanji (悠) as Haruki which means “permanence” and “helpful person” a popular theme and manifestation during the hard times of the pandemic.

59. Yuusei (悠生)

Yuusei, means “Life without difficulty”. This name carries a manifestation of hope that their child will have a good life free of hardships.

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60. Yuuma (ゆうま)

Meaning “leisurely” and giving a more relaxed name.

Top Rarest Japanese Boy Names in 2022

200+ Japanese Boy Names in 2022 with Meanings (3)

1. Arata(あらた)

This can be referring to a “fresh and new” person.

2. Asa (として)

This makes reference to a Physician and a Healer; such as a doctor.

3. Asas(と同じように)

Also meaning “Physician” and a “healer”; but can also be interpreted as “a beautiful morning”.

4. Chi (チー)

Meaning “Twig” or “Tree Branch”.

5. Chiyo (千世)

Chiyo is traditionally a girl’s name that generally means “thousand generations” or “thousand world,” depending on the Kanji characters. Other combinations of Kanji can make “smart world” or “thousand sun.”

6. Haku (白)

Meaning “Pure”. This is also a sacred name and is the name of a character from the popular Japanese movie “Spirited Away”.

7. Daku (ダク)

Meaning “Dark”, it even phonetically sounds like the counterpart of Haku!

8. Eito(えいと)

Referring to a very prosperous person; and can also mean they are kind hearted or generous.

9. Genkei(元気)

This loosely translates to “one who deserves honour and integrity”.

10. Giichi(ぎち)

Giichi means “One Rule” or “The Righteous One”.

11. Gin(ジン)

The meaning of the name Gin is “Silver”.

12. Ginjiro(銀次郎)

Following through from Gin, Ginjiro means “Good Silver”.

13. Hiromitsu (ひろみつ)

This means “Large light” or “Extensive Radiance”.

14. Hironori (ひろのり)

This refers to a “Benevolent ruler” or “Tolerant Ruler”.

15. Hiryuro (ひりゅうろ)

This translates to a dragon who flies. It is a metaphor for a versatile and spontaneous individual.

16. Hisahito (ひさひと)

This refers to themes of “Virtuous”, “Calm” and “Everlasting”.

17. Ikuto (幾斗)

Translates to “Many constellations”, its a more celestial theme for the name.

18. Isamu (勇)

Translates to “Courage”. Isamu bestows on its owner hopes of strength, daring, achievement, or courage.

19. Kai (カイ)

This means “Earth”, giving it a grounding and stable energy to the name and person.

20. Kaname (かなめ)

This means “vital point”

21. Kanon (カノン)

Kanon means “Land Of Reeds”

22. Kaoru (薫)

Kaoru means “Fragant”.

23. Kisho (きしょ)

This translates to “One who knows his own mind”.

24. Kiyoshi (清)

This means “Quiet”

25. Kuragari (倉がり)

This means “Darkness”

26. Masao (優男)

This means “Superior man” in Japanese boy names. Masao is a masculine-sounding name with many of its Kanji conjugations including the character for man in addition to an adjective about strength or bravery

27. Mitsuki (ミツキ)

This means “Beautiful moon”

28. Naruto (なると)

This means “Maelstrom” and is also the protagonist from the hit anime “Naruto”.

29. Niko (ニコ)

This translates to “Conquest of the nation”.

30. Raiden (雷電)

This references the “God of Thunder and Lightning”. Also a popular character from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

31. Ronin (浪人)

Ronin means a “Samurai without a Master”.

32. Saburou (三郎)

Meaning “Third son”. Also spelled Saburo, is one of the most literal names listed here as it generally means order of birth rather than some ethereal qualities.

33. Sana (サナ)

This means “Brilliance”, denoting exceptional talent or intelligence towards things.

34. Shiki (屍鬼)

This translates to the “4 seasons”.

35. Syaoran (小狼)

Meaning “Little Wolf”.

36. Tadashi (善)

Meaning Good. Depending on the Kanji character used, Tadashi means “is good,” “is sincere,” or “is righteousness.”

37. Tomiichi (富一)

This means one who is wealthy and prosperous.

38. Tomohiro (ともひろ)

This refers to one with a large or broad wisdom/knowledge.

39. Tomoya (ともや)

This means a wise or an intelligent person

40. Youta(ようだ)

This means “Great sunlight”.

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200+ Japanese Boy Names in 2022 with Meanings (4)

Choose Japanese Boy Names for Your Kids!

Now that you have seen over 200 common, popular and rare Japanese names for baby boys – we hope you can make a great decision for the name of your own baby boy! If you’re interested in French names for your baby boy, check out our article300+ French Names for Boys. Head on over to AmazingTalker to find more great topics like these! Discover the answers to your language-related questions on AmazingTalker’s .

200+ Japanese Boy Names in 2022 with Meanings (5)


What is the most popular Japanese boy name 2022? ›

Top 10 Japanese Baby Boy Names of 2022
  • Toa (斗碧 | とあ)
  • 4 Haruki (暖葵 | はるき)
  • Ryuto (琉翔 | りゅうと)
  • Shuri/Shui (柊李 | しゅり、しゅい)
  • Toramasa/Kou (虎優 | とらまさ、こう)
  • Haruto/Hinata/Hinato (陽翔 | ハルト、ヒナタ、ヒナト)
  • Minato/Kanato (湊斗|みなと、かなと)
  • Hiroto/Daito/Haruto (大翔/ひろと、だいと、はると等)
Nov 12, 2022

What is the rarest name for a boy 2022? ›

What Are The Rarest Male Names?
  • Bayard (French boy name) – “Auburn-haired”
  • Hammett (German boy name) – “Home” or “village”
  • Macarius (Greek boy name) – “Fortunate” or “blessed”
  • Monty (French) – Nature name that means “mountain”
  • Rufus (Latin) – “Redhead”
Jun 18, 2023

What is a good boy Japanese name? ›

More Cool Japanese Boy Names
63.KazukiPeace / Brightness, hope
64.KenHealthy, strong
66.MitsuakiLight / bright, luminous
6 more rows
Sep 26, 2022

What are the top names in Japan 2022? ›

Himari, Aoi, and Nagi: Japan's Top 2022 Baby Names.” Nippon.com 9 Dec. 2022. [Based on 2022 data from Meiji Yasuda.]

What is a strong Japanese name? ›

63. Kenji (賢司) This name means “strong.”

What is the cutest Japanese boy name? ›

There are a lot of great options that make a really cute first name for your calm little guy.
  • Enkai - deep sea.
  • Enyo - blue water, open sea, or high sea.
  • Kaimen - sea level.
  • Kaito - sea or ocean.
  • Kaiyō - ocean.
  • Minakami - aquatic or on water.
  • Mizu - water.
  • Mizuwokakeru - water.

What are rare 4 letter boy names? ›

Unique four letter names for boys on our recommended list include Beau, Cove, Elio, Ford, Hart, Huck, Land, Nico, Otis, Pike, Rafi, and Shaw.

What are unique 3 names for boys? ›

Unique three letter names for boys on our recommended list include Art, Asa, Cal, Fox, Lev, Mac, Pax, Rex, Sem, Van, and Wim.

What are loyal boy names? ›

Baby boy names that mean “faithful,” “honest” and “just”
  • Amin: Faithful, trustworthy.
  • Dillon: Loyal.
  • Fidel: Faithful.
  • Justus: Upright, just.
  • Renjiro: Upright, honest.
  • Sadiki: Faithful, loyal.
  • Truesdale: Honest man's valley.
  • Truman: Loyal one.
Jan 11, 2022

What is the Japanese name for light boy? ›

Hikaru. Hikaru can mean light or brightness.

What Japanese name means God's gift? ›

Ena. The name Ena means 'gift from God. '

What Japanese boy name means loyal? ›

Tadaaki: Meaning “loyal”. Tadahiro, Tadashi, or Tadanori: The Japanese name for “faithful”.

What is Japan's first name? ›

Around the 7th or 8th century, Japan's name changed from 'Wakoku' (倭国) to 'Nihon' (日本). Some records say that the Japanese envoy to China requested to change the name because he disliked it; other records say that the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian ordered Japan to change its name.

How do I choose a good Japanese name? ›

The first thing that needs to be considered when giving yourself a Japanese name is pronunciation. It's important people can pronounce it and you like the sound of it. There is little to worry about as the fundamental pronunciation of the Japanese language is super easy.

What is Japan's proper name? ›

In English, the modern official title of the country is simply "Japan", one of the few countries to have no "long form" name. The official Japanese-language name is Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku (日本国), literally "State of Japan".

What is the most popular boy 2022? ›

Top baby names of 2022
96 more rows
Nov 14, 2022

Who are the most popular Japanese idols 2022? ›

A survey conducted in October 2022 showed that Nogizaka46 was the most popular female idol group in Japan, with 6.4 percent of the respondents stating that they liked Nogizaka46 the most among female idol groups. The group was followed in popularity by Momoiro Clover Z, Perfume, and NiziU.

What name will be popular in 2022? ›

Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names of 2022, topping the list after also reigning supreme in 2021.


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