AI & Innovation Agenda (2023)

Thursday 17 November 2022, 09:45 - 16:30 GMT

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09:45 Welcome and Introduction

  • AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security

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In Conversation With...The Defence AI Centre: Enabling Safe and Responsible AI across the Supply Chain and front Line Commands

09:50 - 10:30

Current UK strategy in the realm of AI and innovation, is led by the Defence AI Centre (DAIC). A champion of the development, use and understanding of AI, DAIC will seek to enhance UK strategic outcomes. With the push for interoperable and multi-domain innovation in procurement, this session will look at the development of AI in driving operational improvements, supporting the Defence Purpose, and upholding human rights and democratic values.


• AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security

• Air Commodore David Rowland, Chief of Defence AI Centre, Defence Digital, UK Ministry of Defence
• Professor Steven Meers, Dstl Fellow & Technical Strategy Leader for AI & Data Science

Panel:Could You Trust a Computer with Your Life? The Role of Trust and Ethics in Procurement of AI and Machine Learning Products.

10:35 - 11:35

AI presents many unique challenges, especially in defence, when it comes to saving and protecting human life. The integration of these systems into safety-critical environments present unique challenges in terms of training, workload, attention and responsibility. This panel will discuss the complexities of balancing ethics with the opportunities offered by AI and ML systems. With a deeper look into how industry can work with the MoD on these issues and push innovation in a safe and trusted way.


  • Dr Sophy Antrobus, Research Fellow, Freeman Air and Space Institute, King’s College London


  • Dr Frederick Laker, Conflict, Security, Development, & Governance Specialist, Kings College London
  • Paul Kealey, Head of Cyber and Information Systems Division, Dstl
  • Air Commodore Mark Phelps OBE, Deputy Director of Legal Services, Royal Air Force

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Panel: Out with The Old, In with The Already Out-Of-Date: How Can The Defence Industry Keep Pace With Emerging Technologies?

11:35 - 12:30

Defence’s approach to AI is ‘ambitious, safe and responsible’ – but the pace of acquisition and enablement is much slower than that of industry, or the civil side of technology. What role will data play in the revolution to this sector? And how can industry collaborate with the military and government to successfully enable these much-needed changes?


  • Brigadier General Didier Polomé, Assistant Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans and Policy, NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT)


  • Nick Colosimo, Global Engineering Fellow & Visiting Professor, Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems Centre, Cranfield University (Aerospace, Transport, Manufacturing)
  • Nikos Pronios, Innovation Lead, Robotics & Autonomous Systems/AI, Innovate UK, UKRI
  • Juliette Wilcox, UK Cyber Security Ambassador, Department for International Trade

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Thought Leadership: The Future Battlespace: The Role of Robotics and Autonomous Systems In Defence

13:00 - 13:30

Technological progress in recent years, made by adversarial states, has forced NATO to rethink its strategic importance of advanced technologies and set the focus of development efforts on artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, automated decision support systems and robotics. But what does this mean for the future of defence, and how is it shaping the battlespace we see today and into the future? Join Colonel Jan Mazal, who is currently the head of the Department of Military Robotics at the Faculty of Military Technology of the University of Defense, and Air Vice Marshal Gary Waterfall as they discuss this timely topic.


  • AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security


  • Colonel doc. Jan Mazal, Chief of Military Robotics Department, University of Defense, Ministry of Defence Czech Republic

Panel: AI and Cognitive Reinforcement for Mission Decision Support

13:40 - 14:30

Intensive information analysis related to active theatres is required in order to make the appropriate decisions during missions. However, human capabilities are no longer sufficient to reliably and rapidly process this massive amount of heterogeneous data, and is why AI algorithms as decision support could help operators to choose the appropriate mission-critical decisions. From AI in the air, to medical simulation training, what role will cognitive reinforcement and trust play in the human interface with these systems? And can AI prove effective for the front-line commands?


  • Melanie Clift, Director of Defence and Security, Satellite Applications Catapult


  • Professor Michael Luck, Director, The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Safe and Trusted Artificial Intelligence
  • Dr Simona R Soare, Lead On Defence and Emerging Technology, The International Institute For Strategic Studies
  • Captain Edward Ebbern, founder of Defence BattleLab and Head of Innovation for the Army

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Thought Leadership Session: Exercise SPRING STORM – AI on the Ground

14:30 - 15:05

Major James ‘Sam’ McEvoy will join us to discuss the results from on the ground application of AI programmes which provide support to deployed forces. In 2021, exercise SPRING STORM was deployed on the ground, AI markedly improved processes and functions, but getting users to interact with the systems proved difficult. In this thought leadership presentation, we look to discuss this dilemma that we had not previously considered. What role will AI play in the future, for armed forces to predict adversaries’ behaviour? What are some key takeaways from this exercise in terms of instant planning support and enhancing command and control processes?


  • AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security


  • Major James McEvoy, Officer Commanding 242 Gurkha Signal Squadron, 22 Signal Regiment, British Army

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Panel: Keep Calm and AI-on: Can AI in Defence Training Truly Prepare Forces for Active Theatres

15:05 - 15:55

What role will industry play in helping deliver cutting-edge science and technology to UK defence? Can AI-enabled programmes prepare forces for active theatres? What does the evidence say? This panel will be looking into the ever-complicated role of data in exploiting significant benefits across Defence from the back office to the front line. With a look into how future projects can hope to implement the new Defence AI Strategy launched in June this year.


  • Matthew Smith, Director of Analysis, Shephard Media


  • Matt Driskill, Director of Strategy and New Business, MTSI
  • Simon Harwood, UK Capability Director, Leonardo
  • Chris Platt, Programme Manager for Air Intelligent Machines, RAF Capabilities Office

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In Conversation with… How the Navy is using Data to Pioneer Connectivity, Agility and Innovation

15:55 - 16:30

In an age of digital exploitation, and the adoption of System of Systems approaches to all front line commands, the Royal Navy has devised a pioneering Data and Digitalisation Plan which aims todrivedecisions at all levels of the organisation – from HQ to in the field. Unlike other domain counterparts, the Navy grapples with added problems of loss of connectivity on surface ships and submarines, with different systems causing legacy problems. The Navy’s perspective on AI remains in the early stages of defining, but their commitment to exploiting AI and data to benefit the deployed space and end-user remains unwavering. Join Air Vice Marshall (retd.) Gary Waterfall to discuss this with CDIO Alice Rowlands.


  • AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security


  • Alice Rowlands, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Royal Navy

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Conference Close

16:30 - Studio commentary and conference closure

  • AVM (retd.) Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Advisor, Clarion Defence & Security

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