Here are the 9 celebrities who have won ‘The Masked Singer’ (2023)

The Masked Singer” has a new champion. During the finale on May 17, the show’s two remaining contestants —the Macaw and Medusa — battled it out for the victory.

In the end, the Macaw — who was revealed to be David Archuleta —took second place. The moment came 15 years after Archuleta’s “American Idol” run, where he also finished as runner-up.

And in the big unmasking, the show’s Season 9 winner, Medusa, was revealed to be singer Bishop Briggs. At the time of filming, Briggs was around six months postpartum.

“When I was with my son, I was present, and then when I was at the show, I could lean into that emotion,” Briggs told Entertainment Tonight. “Whenever I was really missing him, which was all the time, I could lean into that emotion and put it into the music.”

The singer-songwriter told Entertainment Weekly that it was “really emotional” to share the stage with Archuleta during the finale.

“To be standing on stage with someone that I admired not only as a vocalist, but as a human being, in that moment, we both were sharing our stories and our journeys of identity and having difficulty wanting to continue on in life,” she said. “And so to be on stage with him in that moment, I feel like we were kindred spirits. It was really emotional and it felt like something that I will hold on to for the rest of my life for sure.”

Briggs joins a diverse list of winners. Here’s a look back at the show’s other champions.


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‘Masked Singer’ Season 1 winner: T-Pain

Rapper T-Pain won the inaugural season of “The Masked Singer” in 2019, and called it a “second coming” for his career, the Deseret News reported.

“I have people that just been doubting me my whole career and things like that because I’ve put some different aesthetic on my vocals than everybody else,” he told the New York Daily News. “It just turned out to be a great opportunity to really show another side of me, and kind of gave me a second coming.”

Donny Osmond finished the season in second place, followed by Gladys Knight.

‘Masked Singer’ Season 2 winner: Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady won Season 2 of “The Masked Singer,” and the comedian/actor said his primary reason for doing the competition was to show people his musical side.

“The thing in people’s minds is, that’s Wayne Brady. That’s the funny guy that makes me laugh,” Brady told People. “That’s cool, but they don’t think about the reason I made you laugh in all of those shows — it was musical. At the same time, I was doing that, I was making records. I’ve put in a lot of work as a vocalist, but that’s not the picture that’s been painted. I had to take the message to a bigger venue and use that as my church. That was the reason really for doing‘The Masked Singer.’”

The Season 2 runner-up was former “American Idol” finalist Chris Daughtry of the rock band Daughtry.

‘Masked Singer’ Season 3 winner: Kandi Burruss

Actress/singer Kandi Burruss became the first woman to win “The Masked Singer” and called it “a boost of confidence,” per Entertainment Weekly.

“I didn’t know I was going to win,” she told Entertainment Weekly following her victory in 2020. “Of course, you would love to win. I guess in my mind I wasn’t totally sure. I wasn’t totally confident about it. You just go in there and do your best. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Like, stop psyching yourself out. Stop getting in your own head, telling yourself what you can’t do. Those are the things that I say to other people. This show made me apply that to my own life.”

Other Season 3 contestants included Poison frontman Bret Michaels, “AGT” runner-up Jackie Evancho and Sarah Palin. The Season 3 runner-up was Jesse McCartney.


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‘Masked Singer’ Season 4 winner: LeAnn Rimes

As an artist who had a hit song at the age of 13, singer LeAnn Rimes said winning “The Masked Singer” was a chance to break free from people’s expectations.

“I think that gets ingrained into people’s minds of who they think you are,” Rimes told People following her victory in 2020. “This was a way for people to not have this preconceived idea or storyline that was connected to who they think I am. And just truly feel my essence and authenticity. It felt like the perfect, synchronistic reset.”

Other Season 4 contestants included the late Bob Saget, NBA star Lonzo Ball and Nick Carter. The runner-up was singer Aloe Blacc.


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‘Masked Singer’ Season 5 winner: Nick Lachey

TV personality and 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey claimed the Season 5 victory, and joked that it made him even with his brother and bandmate Drew Lachey, who won Season 2 of “Dancing With the Stars,” per TV Insider.

“It feels good,” Nick Lachey told TV Insider. “The show is a lot of work. I think anyone who’s ever done it will tell you that. It’s challenging in ways you don’t even expect, and it’s a lot of work, so to come out of it on top with the trophy feels really good. I don’t say this as just lip service, but my goal was to make it to the finals and then come what may, so I’d like to think that even if I’d come in as a runner-up or whatever, I’d still be proud, but it definitely feels good to have won. My brother claims the Mirrorball Trophy and rubs it in my face all the time, so now I can rub this in his face. We’re even.”

Nick Lachey, who has appeared on several TV shows, also told Yahoo! Entertainment that it’s “nice to remind people” that his career began in the music industry.

“It’s definitely what I love to do. I’ve been lucky to do some of the other things — I enjoy hosting and I enjoy doing other things in this entertainment world — but singing is really where it comes back to for me. … I take pride in being a singer and singing well, so I just wanted to make it to the finals.”

Rapper Wiz Khalifa finished the season in second place, while singer JoJo came in third.

‘Masked Singer’ Season 6 winner: Jewel

As a single mom and a musician, Season 6 winner Jewel said “The Masked Singer” was a “really perfect fit” for her.

“It’s very hard for female musicians to be moms. It’s not an industry that’s very kind to moms,” Jewel told People following her victory in 2021. “We’re always on the road, we’re touring, we’re promoting. And so being a mom — much less a single mom — as a musician really takes some work. I’ve been mentoring a lot of younger girls or even girls my age that are just starting to have kids (who are) like, ‘How do you do this? How do you have something you love — our music is such a passion — and our kids, which we love, and how do you make that work?’

“But an opportunity like this, it’s so high profile, so public, but doesn’t take a lot of time is a really perfect fit for somebody like me,” she continued. “And then what I found interesting about the show is that it was very authentically me. ... I felt like I got to share my myself so sincerely.”

Other Season 6 contestants included NBA star Dwight Howard and singer Natasha Bedingfield. Singer Todrick Hall was the Season 6 runner-up.


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‘Masked Singer’ Season 7 winner: Teyana Taylor

R&B singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor won Season 7 of “The Masked Singer,” and called the show a great opportunity to perform without judgment, the Deseret News reported.

“Nobody knows who’s behind the mask and just sing your heart out,” she told Yahoo! Entertainment.

Taylor’s victory came not long after her husband, NBA all-star Iman Shumpert, won ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” theDeseret Newsreported.

Other Season 7 contestants included the late Kirstie Alley, Shaggy and Rudy Giuliani. “The Goldbergs” starHayley Orrantiatook second place and “Call Me Kat” star Cheyenne Jackson finished in third, per the Deseret News.


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‘Masked Singer’ Season 8 winner: Amber Riley

Actress and singer Amber Riley won Season 8 of “The Masked Singer” — and fans had a pretty good idea from the start that she was the mystery performer behind the Harp, the Deseret News reported.

“It’s kind of flattering that your voice can be recognizable because it makes you feel like an original,” Riley, who starred as Mercedes Jones on “Glee,” toldVarietyshortly after her win in 2022. “It’s very validating as an artist.

“This show is something that I didn’t know that I needed, to keep me growing,” Riley continued. “It refueled me.”


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Other Season 8 contestants included “Star Trek” legendWilliam Shatnerand “Brady Bunch” stars Barry Williams, Christopher Knight andMike Lookinland, theDeseret Newsreported.

The season’s runner-up was the trio of lambs, which the show revealed to be the pop group Wilson Phillips. It was the show’s first all-female finale in eight seasons, perYahoo! Entertainment.

‘Masked Singer’ Season 9 winner: Bishop Briggs

In addition to Archuleta, other contestants on Season 9 of “The Masked Singer” included Dick Van Dyke, Pentatonix, Sara Evans, Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Bolton and Debbie Gibson.

Briggs said she got good preparation for competing on “The Masked Singer” when she performed at Coachella last year while seven months pregnant.

“I experienced the heat and being very pregnant and performing, feeling that weight on me, it kind of prepared me for this (costume),” she told Entertainment Tonight, crediting her son for helping her on the show.

“It was such an interesting chapter in my life, and I also think it was a really big learning experience of just knowing that the emotion that I feel every time I sing, that it does translate to the people in front of me,” Briggs told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like that means so much to me, just because my goal is for people to feel less alone. So in doing the show, I felt that energy exchange, and I think that meant the most to me.”

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